Taiwan Lantern Festival

My Cure for Wanderlust

The lantern festival is one of Taiwan’s annual celebrations. Before I came to Taiwan, I had read of a village that was one of the only places in Taiwan where you could release lanterns. Just like you see in so many pictures from Asia, a sight I dream of witnessing, making this festival one I was really looking forward to.

I knew however that this was not what happened in the greater Taiwan. I really had no idea how the festival was celebrated and definitely was not prepared for what I experienced. In the week leading up to the official lantern festival day I caught glimpses of how it was celebrated. I briefly saw the display of lanterns in Taipei as I drove past and at school we had a brief outline of the festival with a showing of some lanterns. On the day, after I had contemplated and dismissed…

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But , WHAT IF?



What if:

What if this life is justly ordered? With a flick of the remote you’re changed, click! Your circumstances good, bad and some ridiculous, are brought about to mold you into who you’ll become. That firing from that menial job, forced you to seek other employment, and often times an even better situation. That relationship you once enjoyed that turned sour, was never sweet in the first place. Perhaps the packaging was pretty, but nevertheless, it didn’t work. Yet and still, you moved on and found that love that was right for you. Or how about that brand new car of yours and how it lost 10-20% of its value as soon as the key hit the ignition. And those kids of yours that you’ve spoiled rotten, turned out every other way, but right!

Well, but what if that remote could be manipulated or altered? What if somehow we…

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March 28th


Now that my access issues have been resolved, it’s time to catch up on things here.  Things have been up and down, to say the least.  On my last post, I had just added a 2″ layer of new soil to try to stabilize things.  Around the same time, I started testing the pH in the soil with a better meter, and that told me the whole story…my pH was through the roof and preventing the roots from soaking in any of the nutrients I was putting in.  I did some research on how to bring the pH down, and found that bringing it down is much more complicated that bringing it up.  Many of the suggestions were drastic, from completely transplanting them into new soil, to doing a total flush of the root ball.  All the suggestions I got were more than what I felt I could accomplish successfully…

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